Creative Arts Services

Evolution Republic Gallery brand, white icon evolution in curation, inclusion and truly public art. Philosophy Philosophy helping audiences engage with art more deeply and proactively. After all, if “art is, nowadays, our new religion, and museums are our cathedrals” [Theodore Zeldin] - "then is modern art’s job not to only show us who we are, but also to help us?" [Alain de Botton]. Vision Vision Republic have an ambition to combat modern art alienation within the wider community, increase interest and footfall for art spaces and discover the work of potentially important artists. Perhaps collectively we can empower the very people we endeavour to engage with, satisfy and enlighten. Partnerships Working in Partnership with arts professionals, venues, collectors, communities, educators, charities and organisations to facilitate their creative projects. Cultural Heritage Heritage Globally, the work of galleries and curators is as stimulating, enlightening and as valued as it's ever been; this is the primary inspiration for our vision. The work of Republic Gallery aims to contribute positively to those discussions and engagements, as another string to that cultural bow. Creative Enterprise Enterprise The South West has a rich heritage in developing support for artists and creative centres, evidenced by growth in studio spaces, creative enterprise and venues of all persuasions. This makes the region indicative of "cultural integrity" and capable of ensuring this becomes a mainstay and develops exponentially. Creative Arts Services Creative Arts Services learn more about the services we offer